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Friday, January 20, 2012

Grain Awards

In the awards season mood and with this recent WSJ article as inspiration, here are some top nominees for healthy whole grains:
Best Actor: Amaranth—technically not a whole grain at all! It’s an herb. It’s also delicious and full of essential amino acids, which are lacking in most other whole grains.

Best Quick Cooking: Quinoa—cooks in ~15 minutes, making it a great whole grain substitution for brown rice which can take 45 minutes to an hour.

Best Multi-Tasker: Millet—used around the world for everything from Russian porridge to Roti to brewing beer. Millet takes only about 20 minutes to prepare and has a nutrient profile especially good for women of child-bearing age.

Best Chew: It’s a tie! Farro and Wheat berries. If you’ve been to a shi shi salad bar recently, you’ve probably seen these. And for good reason. They add a vitamin/mineral-packed chew to any number of dishes. Because of their texture and nutty flavor, they also make a great whole grain breakfast option. And, oh how I love healthy breakfast 

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