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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fish Tag

I recently had a delightful date night at Fish Tag, a new restaurant on the UWS opened by the same owners as the delicious Kefi Greek restaurant. Our favorite dishes were the appetizers and cheese plate that followed dinner.

Grilled Prawn, Feta, & Spicy Chilies Bruschetta

Chilled Sweet Corn Soup with Maine Crab Meat
(Our favorite dish of the night)

Smoked Octopus
Perfectly done--not chewy at all!

One of the other novel concepts about this restaurant is the layout of their menu to support perfect wine pairings--they even offer wine by the half glass, full glass, half bottle and full bottle to help you have the perfect wine with each bite. I had a great glass of rose, which was perfect for a hot NYC summer night.
Here's just part of the wine list as a preview. 
It was a great night out, and comes highly recommended!

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